Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hey, It's OK if...

You can't pull off ideas you find on Pinterest.

Source: via lauren on Pinterest

saw this really cool idea and thought it would be perfect for my son's first birthday pictures. My oldest was sleeping so I carefully taped up the wrapping paper, picked up a few of my baby's favorite things and set to work on capturing his cutest expressions.  Here's how it all played out.

He loved the toys and started playing with them right away.  
Just not in the right spot.

I lovingly moved him to the middle and this is what happened...

Then my oldest woke up and decided to crash the party.

Finally, after giving the oldest a snack to distract him, I got a few cute ones. 

I was a ball of stress trying to get the "perfect" shot until I realized I already had them.  I would much rather capture my children as they truly are, tears and all.

How do you give yourself grace for not being "perfect" at everything?

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