Thursday, September 13, 2012

Growing Kids into Leaders

I just met with a woman who runs an amazing organization in my town called The WareHouse.  My mom (a true marketing maven) offered our services to take a look at her current marketing pieces and help to make them more effective.  I am no longer working but I feel strongly that I should continue to use my professional skills to help anyone that may need it as long as I have the time.  I have spent most of my career doing branding and positioning so I was eager to meet with her and learn about her business.  I went in with a business mind set.  I was armed with goals, objectives and a clear agenda.  After only a few minutes of talking with her, I was disarmed by her passionate dedication to kids.

She's created an incubator for teenagers of all backgrounds to hang-out, be heard and grow into the leaders of tomorrow.  She tasks them with organizing and performing at a music festival that attracts almost 2,500 people each year and expects excellence.  She brings them to chamber meetings to learn how to network, offer their skills and work for local businesses.  She mixes kids that have juvenile records with quiet homeschooled church kids.  She doesn't mention their differences.  She embraces their potential.

This organization has been going strong for ten years and she's starting to hear back from the kids she has touched.  One child went from an alcoholic that considered suicide to a man that is writing a book in hopes of saving other kids like him.  Countless others send letters and emails thanking her for simply believing that they had some value to offer the world.

Isn't that what it means to be perchable?  I think it does.  Our children have so much to give the world if we just provide a solid foundation.  Thank you to the WareHouse and all the other organizations like it that give children a safe place to land.

Do you have any people in your life that epitomize being perchable?  Nominate a parent, grandparent, friend, teacher or anyone else that you see doing wonderful things for kids.  Just send me a tweet @beperchable.  It's time we gave them the credit they deserve.

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