Thursday, September 6, 2012

Does it Fit?

I spend some of my free time taking a look at Pinterest (ADDICTING!) and blogs that have creative and fun things to do with my kids.  I eagerly print them out, pin them or just tuck them away in my memory for a rainy day.  The thing is, I almost never do them.  I never have all the stuff.  Or if I do have all the stuff, my guys have completely lost interest by the time I get it all set-up.  I was starting to feel like we spend too much time just "hanging out" until the Avon lady rang my doorbell.

She brought over some nail polish and some jewelry that I ordered from the Mark line so we happily started opening all the boxes.  The boys had been playing with these really cool cube blocks that my mom got them as well as these little people that connect to hold hands.  They both started taking the boxes and and trying to   figure out what or how many items would fit in each box.

Both my 3 year old and 1 year old were engaged for 20 minutes as we talked about things being too big, too small, too wide or too tall.  I kept picking things up and asking, "Does this fit?"  They were learning all about spatial awareness without me having to try too hard.    Even better?  I learned a lesson as well.

I learned that the activities have to fit my life as well.  Teaching your children doesn't have to be a production to be worthwhile.  Our kids automatically find the learning opportunities if only we watch and seize them as they happen.

How have you used everyday happenings as learning activities with kids?

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