Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Are you a Church Lady?

It's impossible for me to hear that saying without thinking of that hilarious Saturday Night Live character. (If you need a giggle, check out this clip...) 

 Isn't that what we all think of as a church lady?  Old, stuffy, and paranoid about everything leading you to the devil?

I am a very new "church lady" and honestly started going because I love singing in the band.  I always felt like I had a close relationship with God and that I didn't need to go to church every week to reinforce that.   But I was missing something - A coach.  I was missing that voice that said, "Here's something small to work on this week.  Apply it to everything you do."  Isn't that what a good coach does?  They don't constantly tell you what you are doing wrong. They tell you small things you can change to make a big difference in your performance.  That is what church has started doing for my husband and I.  We have found ourselves reinforcing each other when we "walk the walk" and helping each other puzzle through new questions that arise from the sermons.  I never dreamed church could lead to such a new level of intimacy between us.

And yet, if I say the word "church" in our wonderfully accepting, fun and fabulous circle of friends, I see them cringe a bit.  It's the same reaction I used to get when I was selling at trade shows. They are afraid of the sell.  Are we going to try to push them into coming to our church?  Start  judging them for saying curse words?  For us, the answer is no.   Our journey is ours alone.  I love them for who they are and know they are on the right path for them.

But I am curious...Are you a church lady?  If not, what keeps you from going?  How do you connect with God?

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