Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Letting Daddy Make it Better

I love comforting my babies.  I hear a cry and my maternal instinct kicks in full force.  I rush over, scoop the child up and do everything I can to make it better.  This is really easy to do with one child.  Two small children, not so much.  I hear myself saying, "Oh it's OK buddy...You'll be ok.  Mommy will give you a kiss as soon as I (fill in the blank)."  But a funny thing has happened with the introduction of our second son.  My husband has a chance to make it better.

Number 2 son is a crawling machine and has just started figuring out how to pull himself on furniture, cruise and climb.  With this new set of skills comes a lot of bumps and bruises as he falls backwards off of his baby couch or loses his footing on the tile.  The other day he fell pretty hard when he was racing to get the dog and my husband rushed over to get him.  He said, "I got it.  The guitar makes him stop crying."  What?  He knew a way to make him better that I, the MOTHER hadn't thought of?  I sneaked in with my camera and found this...

My heart melted.  It's one thing to love your husband unconditionally.  It's a whole other level of love to see them with your children.  It made me realize how often I jump in when he can handle it in his own wonderful way.  It may not be what I would think of or even agree with but it's always given to them with love.  I am going to work on letting Daddy handle it a bit more.  After all, he's pretty darn good at loving me.

What things have you let go of?  Dads, what do you enjoy taking care of at home?

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